OMP Installation

Thank you for downloading the Public Knowledge Project's Open Monograph Press Before proceeding, please read the README file included with this software. For more information about the Public Knowledge Project and its software projects, please visit the PKP web site. If you have bug reports or technical support inquiries about Open Monograph Press, see the support forum or visit PKP's online bug reporting system. Although the support forum is the preferred method of contact, you can also email the team at


If you are upgrading an existing installation of OMP 0.x, click here to proceed.

Pre-Installation Steps

1. The following files and directories (and their contents) must be made writable:

  • is writable (optional): Yes
  • public/ is writable: Yes
  • cache/ is writable: Yes
  • cache/t_cache/ is writable: Yes
  • cache/t_compile/ is writable: Yes
  • cache/_db is writable: Yes

2. A directory to store uploaded files must be created and made writable (see "File Settings" below).

Administrator Account

This user account will become the site administrator and have complete access to the system. Additional user accounts can be created after installation.

Repeat password
Locale Settings

For complete Unicode (UTF-8) support, select UTF-8 for all character set settings. Note that this support currently requires a MySQL >= 4.1.1 or PostgreSQL >= 9.1.5 database server. Please also note that full Unicode support requires the mbstring library (enabled by default in most recent PHP installations). You may experience problems using extended character sets if your server does not meet these requirements.

Your server currently supports mbstring: Yes

Additional locales
Client character set
Connection character set
File Settings
Directory for uploads

Your server currently allows file uploads: Yes

Your server currently allows a maximum file upload size of: 2M

Database Settings

OMP requires access to a SQL database to store its data. See the system requirements above for a list of supported databases. In the fields below, provide the settings to be used to connect to the database.

Database driver
Database name
OAI Settings
Repository Identifier